How to play Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

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How to play Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

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How to play Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Take the field with Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football, the free game that gives you the chance to manage your own team of National Football League players from the regular-season opener right through the late-season playoff push.

Ready for kickoff? Let's get started!

Basics of Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

When you sign up for your team and join (or create) a league, you'll take full control over every aspect of managing your team -- building and growing it just like a real NFL general manager.

Once the games begin, your team’s players will start earning fantasy "points" based on their real-life performances, and those points are what you use to compete against your opponents.

As you sit back and watch your team progress through the season, we'll do the heavy lifting of tracking stats, computing point totals, and updating your league's standings.

Below is everything you'll need to know about playing Fantasy Football
Hop around to learn the different aspects of the game (see the overviews in each sub-section too!). Strap yourself in and get ready to become a master.

New features for 2015
Signing up
Scoring points
Drafting your team
Managing your roster
2015 Fantasy Football season schedule
Winning and league championships
Customizing your profile and team settings
Commissioner tools for managing your league
Fantasy Sports mobile app


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